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When  C  I walk through that door
Baby, be pol C7  ite
Yo F  u're gonna make me sore
If you don't greet me right.
Don't ya  G7 ever kiss me  C  once
Kiss me t D7 wice  G7 
(t)Treat me n C  ice.
 C  I know that you've been told
It's not fair to t C7  ease
 F  So if you come on cold
I'm really gonna freeze.
If you d G7  on't want me to
 C Be cold as D7  ice  G7 
(t)Treat me n C ice.  C7 
 F Make me feel at C  home
 F If you really  C  care.
Scr F atch my back and  C  run your pretty
 F Fingers throug F# h my  G7  hair.
You k C  now I'd be your slave
If you ask me  C7  to.
But  F  if you don't behave
I'll walk right out on you.
If you w G7  ant my love
Then t C ake my ad D7 vice  G7 
(t)Treat me n C ice  F7       C      F7 
(t)Treat me n C ice  F7       C      F7 
If you w F7  ant my love
You  G better treat me  C  nice...
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