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Intro : C   C   F   F   C   C   F   F 
I used to  C hurry a lot, I used to  C  worry a lot
I used to s F  tay out till the break of day
 C  Oh, that didn't get it
It was h C  igh time I quit it
I just c F ouldn't carry on that way  Am 
Oh, I did some damage, I know it's true
Didn't k F  now I was so lonely
Till I found you
 C  You can do the distance
We'll find out in the lo F  ng run
(in the long run)
We can ha C  ndle some resistance
If our love is a str F  ong one (is a strong one)
People t Am  alkin' about this
They got nothin' else to do
When it a F  ll comes down
We will still come through
In the lo C  ng run
 F Ooh, I want to tell you, it's a l C ong run   G      G      G      G 
You know I d C  on't understand why you don't
Treat yourself better
 F  Do the crazy things that you do
'C C  ause all the debutantes in Houston, baby,
 F  Couldn't hold a candle to you
Did you  Am  do it for love ?
Did you  Am  do it for money ?
Did you  F  do it for spite ?
Did you think you had to , honey ?
W C  ho is gonna make it ?
We'll find out in the l F  ong run
(in the long run)
 C  I know we can take it
If our love is a s F  trong one
(is a strong one)
We'll s Am  cared, but we ain't shakin'
Kinda b F  end, but we ain't breakin'
In the l C  ong run
O F oh I want to tell you, it's a l C ong run   F 
In the C  long run  F 
In the l C ong run,(etc.)   G      G      G      G 
Finale : E   C   F   C   F   C   F   C   F   C   F   C   F ...
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