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 E   E   F#m   B   F#m   B   A   B   E   E 
T E here's talk on the street, it sounds so fa F#m miliar B  ;
G A reat expec B  tations, ev'rybody's watchin'you.
P E eople you meet they all seem to  F#m know y B  ou,
E A ven your  B old friends treat you like you're E  somethin'new G#4      G#7 
J C#m ohnny come la F# tely,  C#m the new kid in  F#  town.
E C#m v'rybody lo F# ves you,  F#m so don't let them  B7  down.
You look in her eyes, the music begins to play,
Hopeless romantics, here we go again.
But after a while you're lookin'the other way,
It's those restless hearts that never mend.
Johnny come lately, the new kid in town.
Will she still love you, when you're not around ?
T B7 here's so many things you should have  E told her, E 
Bu B7 t night after night you're willing to h C#m  old her,
Just  B hold F#7  her,  Am7 tears on you C r sh D  oulder.
T G here's talk on the street, it's there to re Am7 mind y D ou.  Am7      D 
D C oesn't really  D matter which  G side you'r G  e on.
Y G ou're walkin'aw G ay and they're talkin'beh Am7 ind yo D u,  D7 
They wil C l never forget you 'til D  somebody new comes G  alon B7  g.
W Em7 here've you been  A lately ? Em7  there's a new kid  A  in town.
E Em7 v'rybody lo A ves him (don't they ?) Am7  now he's holdin B7 'her and you're stil E l arou Abm7 nd.   A 
T B7 here's a new kid in  E town, Abm7       A 
J B7 ust another new kid in  E town. Abm7        A      Am7        E 
E E v'rybody's talkin''bout  C#m the new kid in town. E    (x2)
There's  E  a new kid in town, (I don't want to hear it)
There's a  C#m new kid in town, ( C#m  I don't want to hear it)
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