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Intro : C   F   G7 
 C  Just Like a blue bird with his heart removed
 F  Lonely as a train
I've  C run j F ust a C s far  G as I  C  can run
 C If  I ever see the good old days F  shining in the sun
 C I'll be doin' G fine and then C  some
 Am How l G ong  F how  C long woman will you w G  eep
 Am How l G ong  F how  C long G  rock yourself t C  o sleep
 C  I've been doin'time in a lonesome prison
 F  Where the sun don't shine
Jus C t outside the freedom river  G  runs
 C  Out there in that shining night
 F  With bloodhounds on your mind
 C Don't you know it's a G  same sad situa C  tion
Instrumental : C   F   C - F - C   G 
 C Everybody feel C7  s allright
 F  You know I've heard some poor fool sing (Somebody)
 C Everyone is out there on the G  loose
 C  Well I wish I've been in the land of fools
 F  No one knew my name
 C But what you get is not G  quite what you C  choose
(Tell Me)...
 Am Hoooooow G  looooong F , hoooo C  ow looooong
 Am Muddy D  river runs s G  o deep
 Am Hoooooow G  looooong F , hoooo C  ow looooong
 C Good night baby G  rock yourself t C  o sleep
(Sleep) tight baby  G rock yourself to C  sleep
(B-b-b) bye bye baby  G rock yourself to F  sleep  C      C7 


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