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Desper G ado, G7  why don't you c C ome to your sen Cm  ses ?
You been  G out ridin'fen Em7 ces for s A7 o long now D7 
Oh, you're a  G hard one G7 , I know that  C you got your rea Cm  sons,
These  G things that  B7 are ple Em7 asin'you can h A7 urt you s D7 omehow  G 
 D Don't you  Em draw the queen of  Bm  diamonds boy,
She'll  C beat you if she's  G  able,
You know the  Em7 queen of hearts is  C always your best  G bet  D 
Now it  Em seems to me some  Bm fine things have been  C laid upon your  G  table
But you  Em only want the  A7 ones you can't  Am7  get
 D Desp D7 erado G , oh G7  you ain't gett C in'no younger, Cm 
Your  G pain and your hu Em7 nger, they're  A7 drivin'you h D7  ome
And  G freedom G7 , well, that's just  C some people ta Cm  lkin'
Your  G prison  B7 is wa Em7 lkin'through this w A7 orld all a D7 lone    G 
 D Don't your  Em feet get cold in the  Bm  winter time ?
The  C sky won't snow and  G  the sun won't shine
It's  Em7 hard to tell the  C night time from the  G day   D 
You're  Em losin'all your h Bm  ighs and lows
Ain't it  C funny how the  G feelin'goes aw Am7  ay
 D Desp D7 erado G , wh G7 y don't you come C  to your senses Cm 
Come  G down from  D your fe Em nces, A7  open the g D7  ate
It may be  G rainin' G7 ,  but there's a  C rainbow abov Cm  e you
You better  G let some B7 body  Em love you,   C      G      Am7 
You better  G let some B7 body  Em love you be Am7 fore it's  D7 too l G  ate.
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