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 A Hey Man Lea F ve me a-lone you kno G  w
 A Hey Man Oh Henry  G F et off the phone G  I gotta
 A  Hey Man, I gotta
 B Straighten my face This mel D  low thighed chick just put my
 F Spine out of pl G  ace
 A Hey Man, my s F chool days insane    G 
 A Hey Man, my F  works down the drai G  n
 A  Hey Man, Well
 B She's a Total Blam Blam, Sh D  e said she had to squeeze
 F It but she And  G  then she
[Refrain :]
 G Oh don't  A lean on me man cuz you can D  't afford the ticket
 F I'm back on S C uffragette Ci G  ty
Well don't  A lean on me man cuz you ain D  't got time to check it
 F You know my  C Suffragette Ci G  ty
Its outa  A sight she's all  G  right
 A Hey Man  ah Henry,  do F n't  be  unkind, go A G  way
 A Hey Man  ah i can't t F ake you this t G  ime, no way
 A  Hey Man, ah droogie
 B Don't crash here Theres o D  nly room for one
 F And here she co G  mes here she come
Ah hey man...
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