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Paroles et musique : David Bowie
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 C Time takes a cigarette  pu E7  ts it in your mouth
You pull on your fi F nger, then another f G inger, then your c Am  igarette
 G The wall to wall is calli F ng  it li G ngers, then you forg Am  et
 G Oh  y F  ou're a rock'n roll suicide
 C      G  You're too old to lose  C it  too young to cho E7  ose it
And the F  clock waits so p G atiently on your s Am  ong
 G You walk past a caf F e but you don't e G at when you lived too l Am  ong
 G Oh no no n F  o you're a rock'n roll suicide
 C      G  Chev brakes are sn C arling  as you stumble across the r E7  oad
But the da F y breaks inste G ad so you hurry h Am  ome
 G Don't let the s F un blast your sh G  adow
Don't let the m E7 ilk floats ride your m Am  ind
So n F atural relig D9 iously unkin G7  d
Oh no love you're not alo C  ne
You're watching yourself b A  ut you're too unfair
You got your he C ad all tangled but if  A  I could only make you care
Oh  C#m no love you're not alo G#m  ne
no matter w B hat or who you've bee D#m  n
no matter  Bbm when or where you've seen C# 
all the k B nives to lacerate your brai D#m  n
I've had my s Bbm hare  I'll help you with the pain  C#  you're not alone
 Bb                   J C#  ust turn on me  you're
 Bb not alone          le C#  t's turn on me and be
you're not alone gimme your hands
you're wonderful gimme your hands
you're wonderful gimme your hands
Finale : Bb   Fm   Cm   F#   C# 
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Dernière modification : 2015-05-12
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