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Paroles et musique : David Bowie
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Intro : C   Am   C   Am 
 C  Said you took a  Em  big trip
 Am  They said you moved away  Em 
 F  Happened oh so  G  quietly, they say  C      Am 
 C  Should have took a  Em  picture
 Am  Something I could keep  Em 
 F  Buy a little  G  frame something
 Dm Cheap   G for you   Dm every G one says hi    C      Am       C      Am 
 C  Said you sailed a  Em  big ship
 Am  Said you sailed away  Em 
 F  didn't know me right  G  thing to say  C      Am 
 C  I'd love to get Em  a letter
 Am  like to know what's wha Em  t
 F  Hope the weather's  G  good and it' Dm s not too G  hot
For you Dm       G 
Everyone says  Dm  hi
Everyone says hi G 
 F  Don't stay in a  E  sad place
Where there   F don't care how  G  you  are
Everyone says hi  C      Am       C      Am 
 Eb  If the money is Dm  housey
 Am  you can always come  Ab  home
 C  we can do all the  Am  odd things
 F  we can do all the  Am  bad things
 Eb  If the food get you  Dm  leery
 Am  you can always  Ab  call
 C  we can do all the  Am  good things
 F  We could do it   Am  we  could do it ... we could do it
 Dm  Everyone says Em  hi
 F  Everyone says  G  hi-i
 Dm  Everyone says Em  hi   F 
And the girl next G  door  Dm 
and the guy Em  upstairs  F 
everyone says hi  F      E 
and your mom and G  dad   Dm 
everyone says Em  hi   F 
and you big fat G  dog ...
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