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Paroles et musique : Yusuf Islam
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 G  Trouble
 D  Oh trouble set me free
 Am I have se C  en your face
And it's Am  too much too much for C  me  C/B        C/A 
 G  Trouble
 D  Oh trouble can't you see
 Am You're eating my C  heart away
And there's n Am othing much left of  C  me
 A      F      D      E I    dr E ank  A your G  wine         D 
You have made your work mine G           D 
So won't you be  Am  fair
So won't you be f C  air
 D   A   C   D   E   A 
 G I    d D  on't want no more of you
So won't you be k G ind to  D  me
Just let me go w Am  here
I have to go the C re   C/B        C/A 
 G  Trouble
 D  Oh trouble move away
 Am I have see C  n your face
and it's Am  too much for me to C day  C/B        C/A 
 G  Trouble
 D  Oh trouble can't you see
 Am You have made  C  me a wreck
Now won't you le Am ave me in my mise C  ry
 D   A   C   D   E   A 
 D        I've  seen your eyes
and I can see dea G th's disg D  uise
Hangin'on m Am  e
Hangin'on m C  e
 D   A   C   D   E   A 
 G I'm    D  beat and torn
Shattered and tos G sed and w D  orn
Too shocking to s Am  ee
Too shocking to se C e    C/B        C/A 
 G  Trouble
 D  Oh trouble move from me
 Am I have pa C  id my debt
Now won't you le Am ave me in my mis C ery  C/B        C/A 
 G  Trouble
 D  Oh trouble please be kind
 Am   I don' C  t want no fight
And I hav Am en't got a lot of time    C 
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