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I  F sit it besid Eb  e the dark
Be F neath the mi Ab  re
Co Eb ld grey du Bb sty day    F 
The morning la C ke   G      Eb 
Dr Bb inks up the sky F      Ab       Dm7 
 Bb7 Katman Eb du    Bb       Eb 
I'll soon be se Bb eing yo F  u
And your  Ab strange bewil Gm7 dering ti Cm  me
Will h Fm7 old me dow Bb  n
Chop me some broken wood
We'll start a fire
White warm light the dawn
And help me see
Old satan's tree
Katmandu i'll soon be touching you
And your strange bewildering time
Will hold me down
Pass me my hat and coat
Lock up the cabin
Slow night treat me right
Until i go
Be nice to know
Katmandu i'll soon be seeing you
And your strange bewildering time
Will keep me home
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Dernière modification : 2008-05-27
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