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A F nother Saturday night and I  Bb  ain't got nobody,
I F  got some money cause I  C  just got paid,
O F h, how I wish I had  Bb  someone to talk to,
I F 'm in an  C awful F  way.
I F  got in town a m C7  onth ago,
A F7 nd I seen a lot 'o girls since th Bb  en,
I F f I could meet 'em, I could F7  get 'em,
But as  Bb  yet I haven't met 'em,
That's h F ow I'm in the s C tate I' F m in C7  .
Another fella told me,
He had a sister who looked just fine,
Instead of bein'my deliverance,
She had a strange resemblance,
To a cat name of Frankenstein, Oh No-oh !
It's hard on a fella,
When he don't know his way around,
If I don't find me a honey,
To help me spend my money,
I'm gonna have to blow this town.
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