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Intro : D   G(x3)
        Bm   A   G 
In the  D daytime, G  time for cele- D bration. G 
No use lookin'  D down, G  if it's over  Bm here. A      G 
It's a  D world, G  a new cre- D ation. G 
And the  Em9 golden light of the morning, makes it  A easy to comb your  E  hair.
And the  G love of the child; D  it's the  E(sus4) time  of t E he ye D ar.   G      D      G 
In the  D daytime, G  you can move a  D mountain. G 
With a  D blink of your eye; G 
Now it's over  Bm here, now it's over  A there. G 
It's a  D world, G  with no compli- D cations. G 
And the  Em9 curtains on the window, start  A blowing like your hair. E 
And the  G love that I feel, D  'cos it's the  E(sus4) time  of t E he ye D ar.   G      D      G 
 Bm  Mysterious  A moon, found me  G cryin' in the dark; A 
 Bm  Heard my  A footsteps on the stairs. G      A 
 Bm  Mysterious  A moon found me  G  cryin', but the sun,
Dried my  D tears;  G showed he  D cares. G 
Instrumental : D   G(x7)
               Bm   A   G 
In the  D daytime, G  time for cele- D bration. G 
No use lookin'  D down; G  children open your  Bm eyes. A      G 
It's a  D world, G  a whole  D nation. G 
Now the  Em9 white boats have landed, and the  A innocent are  E  here.
So  G dream for the  D child, 'cos it's the  E(sus4) time  of t E he ye D  ar.
Finale : D   G(x3)
         Bm   A   G(x2)


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