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 Bb Sitting here wasted and wounded with this old p F  iano.
Trying h Bb ard to capture the moment, this morning I do F  n't know.
'cause a b Am ottle of vodka still li Bb es in my head and some blo F  nde
gave me nightmares, I think that she's still in my b Bb  ed.
As I t Bb hink about movies they wo C n't make of me when I'm dea F  d.
With an i Bb ron-clad fist I wake up to french-kiss the mo F  rning.
While a m Bb arching band keeps it's own beat in my head while we're tal F  king
about a Am ll of the things I lo Bb nged to believe, about lov F  e, the truth,
what you mean to me and the t Bb  ruth is...
 Bb Baby you're  C  all that I need.
I wanna l Dm ay you do C wn in a bed Bb  of rose F  s.
 Dm Tonight I s C leep on a be Bb d of nai F  ls.
I wanna b Bb e just as cl F ose as the Hol Bb y Ghos F  t is.
 Dm Lay y C ou do Bb wn, on a bed of ros F  es.
 Bb I'm so far away, each step that I take's on my w F  ay home.
 Bb A king's ransom in dimes I'd give each night to see through this pa F  yphone.
But I'd  Am run out of time or it's h Bb ard to get through till the bird on  F  the wire
flies me back to you. I'll just close m Bb  y eyes.
And whisper " Bb baby it probably is  C  true".
The h Bb otel bars hangover wh C  iskey's gone dry.
The bart F  ender's wig's crooked, she's giving me the eye.
I m Bb ight've said yes, but I la Bb ughed so hard I t C hink I died F  .
 Bb Now as you close your eyes you know I'll be thinki F  ng about you.
 Bb My mistress she calls me to stand in her spo F  tlight again.
 Bb I won't be alone, you know that don't mean I'm not lon F  ely.
I've Bb  got nothing to prove, for its you I'd  C die to def F  end.
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