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 G Oh, the shark, babe, ha Am  s such teeth, dear
And it  D7 shows them pearly w G  hite
Just a  Em jackknife has old MacH Am  eath, babe
And he  D7 keeps it, ah, out of si G  ght
Ya know when that s G hark bites with his t Am  eeth, babe
Scarlet  D7 billows start to sp G  read
Fancy  Em gloves, oh, wears old MacH Am  eath, babe
So there's  D7 never, never a trace of  G  red
Now on the s G  idewalk, huh, huh,
whoo sunny  Am  morning, un huh
Lies a b D7 ody just oozin'li G  fe, eek
And someone's  Em sneakin''round the co Am  rner
Could that  D7 someone be Mack the K G  nife ?
There's a  G tugboat, huh, huh, down by the ri Am  ver dontcha know
Where a  D7 cement bag's just a'drooppin'on do G  wn
Oh, that  Em cement is just, it's there for the we Am  ight, dear
Five'll get ya ten old  D7 Macky's back in t G  own
Now d'ja  G hear 'bout Louie  Am Miller ? He disa D7  ppeared, babe
After drawin'out all his hard-earned c G  ash
And now  Em MacHeath spends just like a  Am  sailor
Could it  D7 be our boy's done somethin'r G  ash ?
Now Jenny  G Diver, ho, ho, yeah, Sukey  Am  Tawdry
Ooh, Miss Lotte  D7 Lenya and old Lucy  G  Brown
Oh, the  Em line forms on the ri Am  ght, babe
Now that  D7 Macky's back in t G  own
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