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(Tempo 86)
 Em Oh it seems like all my Am  fire was gone
and  B7 you just turn me D#(dim)  on
Y G ou crossed my mind just  Am  like the sun you shined
and  B you just turn m Em  e on
You  Am turn me B  on !
 Em You light my Am  fire B , you just turn  Em  me on
 G And I've been  Em down for so Am  long,
yeah  B you just turn m Em  e on
If Em  there's something  Am  I known,
If there's something I B  known, don't be shy E7  oh no
 Em I felt I was divided, and my heart  Am  was driven by fright
but you came here with a  Em light and turned me on
O Am h you turn me  A on !
 Em You light my Am  fire B , you just turn  Em  me on
Cause I've been down for so  Am  long,
yeah  B you just turn m Em e on
 Em So come on, come on, come on  Am light my fire,
j B ust turn me Em  on
I've down for so  Am long, B  you turn me on baby
 E7 Yeah  Em you turn m Am e on, y D#(dim) ou turn me on, y D es you do
Y Em ou light my  Am fire, you jus D#(dim) t turn me on
C Em ome on touch me,  Am Kiss me, Baby turn me on !
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