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Intro : E 
 E Shadows are falling  A and I've been here all  E  day
It's too hot to sleep and  A time is running  E  away
 B Feel like my  B/A soul has  G#m turned  F# into  E  steel
 C#m I've still got the s B cars that the s A un didn't h E  eal
 B There's not even  B/A room enough to  G#m be any F# where  E 
 C#m It's not dark  B yet, but i A t's getting  E  there
 E Well my sense of humani A ty is going down the  E  drain
 E Behind every beautiful thing,  A there's been some kind of  E  pain
 B She wrote me a  B/A letter and she  G#m wrote it  F# so ki E  nd
 C#m She put down in  B writin' what was  A in her  E  mind
 B I just don't see  B/A why I  G#m should even F#m  care  E 
 C#m It's not dark y B et, but it's g A etting  E  there
 E Well I been to London  A and I been to gay  E  Paris
 E I followed the river  A and I got to the  E  sea
 B I've been down to the  B/A bottom of a  G#m world full  F#  of lies
 C#m I ain't lookin for  B nothin' in  A anyone's  E  eyes
 B Sometimes my  B/A burden is  G#m more than  F# I can  E  bear
 C#m It's not dark y B et, but i A t's getting  E  there
 E I was born here and I'll die here,  A against my  E  will
 E I know it looks like I'm movin'  A but I'm standin'  E  still
 B Every nerve in my  B/A body is so n G#m aked a F# nd nu E  mb
 C#m I can't even remember what it  B was I came here to  A get away from E 
 B Don't even  B/A hear the  G#m murmur of  F# a pra E  yer
 C#m It's not dark  B yet, but it's  A getting  E  there


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