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Paroles et musique :Robert Dylan
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 E Farewell Angelina, the A  bells of the  E crown E(sus4)            E 
Are being stolen by bandits, I must  A follow the  E soun E(sus4) d          E 
The triangle tingles, the mu A sic plays sl B ow   F#m7         B 
But f C#m arewell Ang G#m elina, the n C#m ight is on  G#m fire,
a A nd I must  E go   E(sus4)            E 
 E There is no use in talking and t A here's no need for b E lame  E(sus4)            E 
There is nothing to prove, everything st A ill is the  E same E(sus4)            E 
The table stands empty by the ed A ge of the st B ream F#m7         B 
But fa C#m rewell Ang G#m elina, the  C#m sky's chang G#m ing co A lors,
and I must l E eave E(sus4)            E 
 E The jacks and the queens they have  A forsake the court E yard  E(sus4)            E 
Fifty-two gypsies now file A  past the g E uard E(sus4)            E 
In the space where the duece and the ac A e once ran w B ild  F#m7         B 
Fare C#m well An G#m gelina, the  C#m sky is fol G#m ding,
I A 'll see you after a wh E ile  E(sus4)            E 
 E See the cross-eyed pirate si A t perched in the s E un    E(sus4)            E 
Shooting tin cans with a saw A ed-off shot E gun  E(sus4)            E 
And the coporels and the neighbors clap and cheer A  with each b B last F#m7         B 
But  C#m farewell An G#m gelina, the  C#m sky is trem G#m bling,
 A and I must leave f E ast  E(sus4)            E 
 E King Kong little elves in the A  rooftops they da E nce   E(sus4)            E 
Valentino-type tangos while the hero A 's clean ha E nds  E(sus4)            E 
Shut the eyes of the dead not to A  embarass an B yone F#m7         B 
Fare C#m well Angel G#m ina, the sky  C#m is flooding  G#m over,
a A nd I must be g E one  E(sus4)            E 
 E The camoflaged parrot, h A e flutters from f E ear   E(sus4)            E 
When something he doesn't know about s A uddenly appea E rs   E(sus4)            E 
What can not be imitated p A erfect must  B die  F#m7         B 
Fare C#m well Ange G#m lina, the  C#m sky's flooding  G#m over,
a A nd I must go where it is E  dry E(sus4)            E 
 E Machine guns are roaring,  A puppets heave r E ocks  E(sus4)            E 
At misunderstood visions and at the f A aces of clo E cks  E(sus4)            E 
Call me any name you like, I wi A ll never deny  B it   F#m7         B 
But C#m  farewell A G#m ngelina, the C#m  sky is eru G#m pting,
 A and I must go where it is q E uiet E(sus4)            E 


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