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Well, your ra D ilroadgate G , you know  A7 I just can't jum D  p it.
 G Sometimes it gets  D so hard, you see A7  .
I'm just  D sitting here G  beating on A7  my trumpet D ,        Bm 
with  F#m all these promises you  D left for me A7  .
But where  G are you tonight A7 , sweet Marie  D  ?
Well, I w D aited for you G  when I  A7 was half D  sick.
Yes I w G aited for you w D hen you hated  A7  me.
Well, I w D aited for you G  inside of the  A7 frozen tra D ffic      Bm 
When you  F#m knew I had some other p D lace to be A7  .
Now, where  G are you tonight A7 , sweet Marie  D  ?
Well,  Bb anybody can be just like  D  me, obviosly,
But t Bb hen, now again, not too many can be like you D , fortunately. A7 
Well, six white h D orses  G that you d A7 id prom D  ise me
Where  G finaly delivered down D  to the penitentia A7  ry.
But to  D live outside the  G law, you mus A7 t be hon D est.     Bm 
I  F#m know you always say that you D  agree,  A7 
But w G here are you tonight A7 , sweet Marie  D  ?
Now, I been in  D jail G  when  A7 all my mail D  showed
That a  G man can't give his address  D out to bad compa A7  ny,
And now I  D stand here l G ookin'at your y A7 ellow railr D oad        Bm 
In the  F#m ruins of your  D balcony, A7 
Wond'ring where G  are you tonight, A7  sweet Marie  D  ?
Well I don't  Bb know how it happened,But the riverboat captain, D  he knows my fate
But  Bb ev'rybody else, even yourself, they're just  D gonna have to wait. A7 
Well, I got the  D fever G  down  A7 in my pock D  ets,
The  G Persian drunk D ard, he follows  A7  me.
Yes, I can t D ake him to your  G house, but I  A7 can't unlock D  it.     Bm 
You  F#m see, you forgot to leave me with D  the key. A7 
Oh,  G where are you tonight A7 , sweet Marie  D  ?


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