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Paroles et musique : Robert Dylan
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 G Clouds so swift  Am  Rain won't lift
 C Gate won't close G  Railings froze
 G Get your mind off  Am  wintertime
 C You ain't goin'n G  owhere
[Refrain :]
 G Whoo-ee ! Am  Ride me high
To C morrow's the day My  G  bride's gonna come
 G Oh, oh, are  Am  we gonna fly
 C Down in the easy  G  chair !
 G I don't care How many let Am  ters they sent
Mor C ning came and mo G  rning went
 G Pick up your money And pa Am  ck up your tent
Yo C u ain't goin'now G  here
 G Buy me a flute And  Am  a gun that shoots
Ta C ilgates and subs G  titutes
 G Strap yourself To t Am  he tree with roots
Yo C u ain't goin'now G  here
Gen G ghis Khan He cou Am  ld not keep
All  C his kings Suppli G  ed with sleep
We G 'll climb that hill no Am  matter how steep
Wh C en we get up to  G  it
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