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I Em  laid on a dune, I lo Am  oked at the sky
When the chi D ldren were babies and pl Em  ayed on the beach
You came up behind me I s Am  aw you go by
You were  D always so closed and Em  still within reach
S G arah Bm ,Sara C h wh D atever made you wanna change y C our mind   Em 
S G arah Bm , Sar C ah, so ea D sy to look at, so ha C rd to define Em 
I Em  can still see them playin'amp; with the Am  ir pails in the sand
They ru D n to the water their bu Em  ckets to fill
I can still see the shells fallin'am Am  p; out of their hands
As they fo D llow each other back Em  up the hill
Sa G rah, Bm  Sara C h, s D weet virgin angel, sweet lov C e of my l Em  ife
S G arah Bm , Sarah C , radia D nt jewel, mystic C al wife  Em 
S Em leepin'amp; in the wood by  Am  a fire in the night
Dri D nkin'white rum in a Por Em  tugal bar
Them playin'leap-frog and hea Am  rin'about Snow White
You D  in the market place in Sav Em  anna-la-Mar
S G arah Bm , Sar C ah i D t's all so clear I could nev C er forget Em 
Sa G rah, Bm Sarah C  lovin'y D ou is the one thing I'll never C  regret    Em 
I Em  can still hear the sounds of those M Am  ethodists bells
I'd tak D en the cure and had ju Em  st gotten through
Stayin'up for days in the Che Am  lsea Hotel
Writin'"Sa D d-Eyed Lady of the Low Em  lands" for you
S G arah Bm , Sar C ah w D herever we travel we're nev C er apart Em 
S G arah Bm , Sar C ah beaut D iful lady so dear  C to my heart  Em 
Ho Em w did I meet you, I Am  don't know
A m D essenger sent me in a t Em  ropical storm
You were there in the winter moonli Am  ght on the snow
And on Li D ly Pond Lane when the w Em  eather was warm
S G arah Bm , Sar C ah S D corpio Sphinx in a cal C ico dress  Em 
S G arah Bm , Sar C ah you must D  forgive me my unw C orthiness  Em 
N Em ow the beach is deserted ex Am  cept for some kelp
And a pi D ece of an old ship that li Em  es on the shore
You always responded when I nee Am  ded your help
You gimm D e a map and a k Em  ey to your door
S G arah Bm , Sar C ah g D lamorous nymph with an arro C w and bow Em 
S G arah Bm , Sar C ah don D 't ever leave me, do C n't ever g Em  o


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