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Intro : F   Am   Dm   C 
The g F uilty undertaker sighs, the  Am  lonesome organ grinder cries
The  Dm silver saxophones say I should re C  fuse you
The c Bb racked bells and washed out horns b C  lowin'to my face with scorn
But it's  Dm not that way, I wasn't born to l C  ose you
I w F ant you, I w Am ant you, I  Dm want you so b C ad, Honey I w F  ant you
The d F runken politician leaps u Am  pon the street where mothers weep
And the  Dm saviors who are fast asleep, they w C  ait for you
And  Bb I wait for them to interrupt me d C  rinkin'from my broken cup
And  Dm ask me to open up the gate for y C  ou
A Am ll my fathers they've gone down, t Dm  rue love they've been without it
But  Am all their daughters put me down cause  Bb I don't think ab C  out it
Well,  F I return to the Queen of Spades and t Am  alk with my chambermaid
She k Dm nows that I'm not afraid to lo C  ok at her
S Bb he is good to me and there's n C  othing she doesn't see
She k Dm nows where I'd like to be but it do C  esn't matter
Now your d F ancing child with his Chinese suit, he  Am  spoke to me, I took his flute
No,  Dm I wasn't very cute to him, Was C  I ?
But  Bb I did it, though, because he lied, bec C  ause he took you for a ride
And  Dm because time was on his side, and bec C  ause I ...


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