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Intro : Bb   Ab6   Gbmaj7   F7 
 Bb If you search for te Eb nderness it F  isn't hard to fin Dm7  d
 Eb You can have the l Gm ove you need to liv Am e     Cm7        F      F7 
 Bb And if you look for t C ruthfulness you might ju F st as well be bli D  nd
It a Eb lways seems to be A  so hard to giv D  e
 Ebmaj7 Honest- y  F7  is  D such a lonely word Gm7        F 
 Eb Everyone is s F o untrue  Bb         D 
 Ebmaj7 Honest- y  F7  is  D hardly ever heard Gm7 
 Eb But mostly what I n F eed from you  Bb       F9(sus4) 
 Bb I can always f Eb ind someone to F  say they sympathiz Dm7  e
 Eb If I wear my h Gm eart out on my sl Am eeve     Cm7        F      F7 
 Bb But I don't want some p C retty face to te F ll me pretty lies   D 
 Eb All I want is s A omeone to believe D 
 Gm I can find a lover, I D  can find a friend
 F7 I can have security until the b C  itter end
 Eb Anyone can c F omfort me w F7 ith pro Eb mises again    Bb 
I know C7 , I know  F      D      Eb       F9(sus4) 
 Bb When I'm deep insid Eb e of me, do F n't be too concerned   Dm 
 Eb I won't ask for no Bb thing while I'm go Am ne      Cm7        F      F7 
 Bb When I want sinc C erity tell me where el F se can A  I turn Dm   ?
Cause yo Eb u're the one that I  A7 depend upon  D7 
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