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Paroles et musique : Ben Harper
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Intro : C9   D   G   F#/D   Em7   C9   D   Em7 
 C9 We have both been h D  ere before
 G Knockin'u F#/D pon love Em7  's door
 C9 Begging for some D one to let us  Em7  in
 C9 Knowing this we c D  an agree
to  G keep each  F#/D other comp Em7  any
 C9 Never to go d D own that road ag Em7  ain
 C9 My-y- G y-y- D y    G  be F#/D -loved  Em7 one,      G        D 
 C9 My-y- G y-y- D y    G      F#/D         Em7           G        D 
be-loved one
Y C9 our eyes shine th D  rough me
 G You are  F#/D so divine  Em7  to me
 C9 Your heart has  D a home in  Em7  mine
 C9 We won't have to sa D  y a word
 G With a to F#/D uch all sh Em7  all be heard
 C9 When I search m D y heart it Em7  's you I find
 C9 My-y- G y-y- D y    G  be F#/D -loved  Em7 one,      G        D 
 C9 My-y- G y-y- D y    G  be F#/D -loved  Em7 one       G        D 
 C9   D   G   F#/D   Em7   C9   D   Em7 
 C9   D   G   F#/D   Em7   C9   D   Em7 
 C9 You were meant for  D  me,
 G I believe F#/D  you were  Em7  sent to me
 C9 from the dreams D  trailing  Em7  to my heart
 C9 Hold your body and  D  close to me
 G You mean  F#/D most to me Em7 
 C9 We will keep ea D ch other s Em7  afe from harm
 C9 My-y- G y-y- D y    G  be F#/D -loved  Em7 one,       G        D 
 C9 My-y- G y-y- D y    G  be F#/D -loved  Em7 one.      G        D 
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