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 Am Like a rock,  F  like a planet
 G Like a fucking atom bomb C      B 
I'll  Am remain unperturbed by the  F  joy and the madness
that I  G encounter everywhere I  Em  turn,
I've seen it all  Am before A(sus2) ,          Am       A(sus2) 
in books and maga F zine F7 s,    F      F7 
like a twitch before  C dyin C7 g,    C      C7 
like a pornographic  G  sea,
there's a flower behind the  Am windo A(sus2) w,         Am       A(sus2) 
there's an ugly laughing  F man, F7       F      F7 
like a hummingbird in  C silen C7 ce,   C      C7 
like the blood on my  G  door,
it's the gener Am a - - tor   A#m        C      A#m        C      A#m        C      D# 
 Am oh yeah,  F oh yeah,  G like the blood on my  C door B  ,
 Am wash me clean and  F I will run  G until I reach the  Em  shore,
I've known it all Am  along A(sus2)            Am       A(sus2) 
like the bone und F er m F7 y ski F n,   F7 
like actors in a pho C togr C7 aph,  C      C7 
like paper in the wi G  nd,
there's a hammer by the wind Am ow,   A(sus2)            Am       A(sus2) 
there's a knife on the fl F oor, F7       F      F7 
like turbines in dar C kness C7 ,     C      C7 
like the blood on my  G  door,
it's the gener Am a - - to A#m r      C      A#m        C      A#m        C      D# 
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