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Intro : Am    C    F    G 
        Am    C    F    E 
 Am I don't need to be a g C  lobal citizen,
'Cuz I'm F  blessed by natio G  nality,
 Am I'm a member of a g C  rowing populace,
we F  enforced our po G  pularity
 Am there are things thet  C  seem to pull us under
and F  there are things th G  at drag us down,
 Am but there's a power and  C  a vital presence
th F at's lurking all aro E  und
 Am we've go C t the Am F erican Jes G  us
 Am see him  C on the i F nterstate, G 
 Am we've go C t the Am D erican Jes F  us
 Am he helped bui G ld the presiden F  t's estate
 Am I feel sorry for the e C  arth's population
'c F uz so few live in th G  e U.S.A,
 Am at least the foreigners ca C  n copy our morality,
the F y can visit but they can G  not stay,
 Am only precious few can garn C  er the prosperity,
and F  it makes us walk with co G  nfidence,
 Am we've got a place to go C  when we die
and F  the architect resides r E  ight here
 Am we've g C ot the Ame F rican Jesu G  s
 Am bolster C ing nation F al plan    G 
 Am we've g C ot the Ame D rican Jesu F  s
 Am overwhelming m G illions everyda F y     E 
 Am   C   F   G  (x2)
 Am  he's the farmer barren fields,
 C  the force the army wields,
 F  the expressions in the faces
of the s G  tarving millions,
 Am  the power of the man
 C  the fuel that drives the clan,
 F  the motive and the conscience
 G  of the murderer
 Am  he's the preacher on TV,
 C  the false sincerity,
 F  the form letter that written by
the big G  computers,
 Am  he's the nuclear bombs,
 C  and the kids with no moms
 F  and I'm fearful that
he's in E  side me.
 Am We've g C ot the Am F erican Jes G  us
 Am see him C  on the i F nterstate  G 
 Am We've g C ot the Am D erican Jes F  us
 Am exercis C ing his a F uthority   G 
 Am We've g C ot the Am F erican Jes G  us
 Am bolster C ing natio F nal plan   G 
 Am We've g C ot the Am D erican Jes F  us
 Am overwhelming mill G ions everyday, F  Yeah !
 Am One nation u C  nder God
 F One nation u G  nder God [x8]
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