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 D(sus2)   (4x)
 D(sus2)    A(sus4)    G   (2x)
 D(sus2) Hey Michel  A(sus4) how's life are you ok  G 
 D(sus2) I wonder i A(sus4) f you ever think of me   G 
 D(sus2) It's been  A(sus4) 9 years since that  G  kiss
I can  A(sus4)  help but reminisce
 D(sus2) Hey Michel A(sus4)  do you reme G  mber
 D  We walked the street to the beat
 A Hand in hand you and  G  me
 D  Smiling faces so in love
 A Hoping that they all could  G  see
That  A we belonged  D together you and  A me against the  G  world
But  A we found out the  D hard way cause it  A wasn't meant to  G  be
Now it's you and  D(sus2) her I see   A(sus4)            G 
 D(sus2)    A(sus4)    G 
 D(sus2)   A(sus4)           G 
You__ were my first and worst love
And so it only could go wrong____
But ain't that just the way you learn
Hey Michel I just wanted to let you know
That someone else has stolen my heart
And now another girl has caught your eye
 D(sus2) That doesn't  D/C# mean I don't think of  D/B you      A(sus4) 
 D(sus2) I am just  A(sus4) hoping that she'll treat you  G  right
Do you remember How we walked the street to the beat...
Now it is you and D(sus2)  her I see  A(sus4)            G 
It was just a silly dream
 D(sus2) La la laa l A(sus4) a la la laa G 
La la laa la la la la la
La la laa la la la laa
Hey Michel do you  G  remember
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