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 A   E   D   E   D   A   E  Looking from a window above is like a story of love, can you hear me?  A   E   D   E   D   A   E  Came back only yesterday, we're moving farther away, want you near me
 D   E   A   D  All I needed was the love you gave, all I needed for another day,  E4   E   A  And all I ever knew - only you.
Sometimes when I think of her name, when it's only a game, and I need you Listen to the words that you say, it's getting harder to stay, when I see you. This is gonna take a long time and I wonder what's mine - can't take no more. Wonder if you'll understand, it's just the touch of your hand behind a closed door.
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Dernière modification : 2007-05-17


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