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Paroles : Taupin Bernard J P
Musique : Elton John
Tonalité :  E |F |F# |G |G# |A |A# |B |C |C# |D |D# |E

Intro :  D   F#m   G   G   D   F#m   G   G   G   D  Its a human sign  G   Em7  When things go wrong  A   D  When the scent of her lingers  G   Em  And temptations strong  A   Bm  into the boundry  G   A  Of each married man  Bm  Sweet deciept comes a calling  G   A  And negativity lands  D  Cold, cold heart  G   Em7  Hard done by you  A   D  Some things look better, baby  G   A  Just passing through
 A   D  And its no sacrifice  G  Just a simple word  A  When two hearts living  D  In to seperate worlds  D  And its no sacrifice  G  No sacrifice  F#m   G   D   F#m7   G   D   F#m7   G  No sacrifice at all
 G   D  Mutual misunderstanding  G   Em  After the fact  A   D  Sensitivity builds a prison  G   Em  In the final act  A   D  We lose direction  G   A  No stone unturned  Bm  No tears to damn you  G   A  When jealousy burns  D   G   Em   A  I gave my all  D   G   Em   A  I gave my all
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Dernière modification : 2006-07-02


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